Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preschool Teacher's Last Day Of School

Friday 6/3/11 was the last day of school for Head Start preschool teachers. Summer is a great time for teachers to relax and restore the energy that is highly necessary to keep up with such an energetic bunch. While out on break teachers can reflect on challenges they experienced for the year . They can then develop new and improve strategies and techniques that might support those barriers. Teachers who take this time to effectively plan will usually have a more productive year.

Some of the topics a teacher might ponder on are as follows:
.Classroom Management- how well were you able to manage you time to get necessary work done?
.Room Arrangements- how effective was your set-up to foster smooth transitions?
.Better strategies to help support positive discipline- were there days you wish you had a bag of tricks up your sleeve to deal with those on-going challenging behaviors?
.Effective and productive educational activities -how well do you feel you implemented activities that helped your students master skills to excel to the next level?

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