Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Benificial are Printable/Ditto's for Preschoolers

Printable/ditto’s is a tool used widely in public schools. Over the years much pressure has been put on preschool to help support kindergarten readiness. With this pressure many teachers have resorted to printable to help develop skills such as fine motor development, name writing, and letter recognition just to name a few. Even though printable is a tool that preschoolers should be exposed to, a parent/teacher should be very careful on the amount of time a child is sat completing such as sheet.

When a child is required to use printable/ditto’s their creative mind and expression slowly diminishes. When children are given an opportunity to complete a task from scratch they are more prone to learn and develop skills in a much faster pace. Children also develop additional skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and self-esteem when encouraged to complete work using their own imagination and previous memory.

Please note that even though children are better off working using their own creative mind children do need the exposure to printable/ ditto’s. This exposure is important because when preschooler’s transition to kindergarten printable will be much of what they will work from, so offering the exposure will help build the child’s comfort ability with the tool. However it is still important not to overindulge with tools such as this.

Teachers/parent should be aware that all of the skills needed for kindergarten readiness can be developed without the utilization of printable/ditto’s. This is why was created to show teachers/parents different ways a child can learn. Through independent activities a parent /teacher can educated their child with tools that is found right in their home and with-in their community.

The economy is hard and money is tight but that do not have to stop the process of educating a child the right way.

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